Meet the Artist

Damien Dalcourt is well known for his stage name Lil Dane from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. His passion for rap and hip-hop music started when he joined forces performing with his best friend as well as the label owned by his brother Ripit Entertainment with the ft3 boyz. After a tragic vehicle accident that took the life of his best friend and left his brother paralyzed, he realized he had a destiny to fulfill and that he was the " last man standing" that could get it done.

Artistic Journey

He is a rapper from Baton Rouge, Louisiana on the rise after dropping his new single "Get To The Money." He has graced the stages from Louisiana to New York City. In 2015, he won an audition to be featured on Fox's #1 hit Tv show Empire. Also, he is featured on blogs such as Hip Hop Weekly , Hot 97.5 Who's Next   and This is 50. In 2017 he was featured in XXL Magazine "Under Artist to Watch."


Pioneer of the New Rap Artist Generation

His lyrics represent why everyone around him references he is the "2Pac" of his generation. His music is poetic and tells the story of what's going on in today's society, his past and future. He is the new wave of rappers that use their business smarts to be successful in the industry. His encounters with many labels such as Roc Nation and Republic Records artists such as Maxminelli, Turk from Cash Money and more have inspired him not only to be a rap artist but an entrepreneur.

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Lil Dane Rocking the Rap Arena with His Amazing Music